Female Power – The Advantage of Women As Fighters.


ImageWhat is a perfect fighter? He or she is a brute, a sage and must look elegant in combat.  Most important of all the trait of sensitivity must be there.  And before all women give me a thumb down to my article, please let me explain. 

Sensitivity in the martial arts means the ability to discern, decipher and redirect your opponent’s energy.  Fighting has a specific energy and if you train your body and nervous system to read this energy of yourself and from your opponent, you will be able to prevent and stop many street confrontations before they get to you. 

Female energy, it is not in reference to women but the raw natural force existing in nature.  Water can be considered female, night, moon and so on.  Why? Because they can either complement or neutralize the male energy as in dark-light, strong-weak, fast-slow, I think you get the idea. 


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